Press Start Studio and Bulkypix Announces games for Iphone and iPod Touch

Twin Blades iPhone / iPod Touch – Press Start Studio and Bulkypix are announcing their collaboration to provide games on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Bulkypix is going to publish the first Press Start game named “Twin Blades” for Christmas on Appstore.
Philippe Rapin CEO Press Start: “We are very excited at the idea of working with Bulkypix on this project, they believe in Twin Blades at least as much as we do and that creates a strong collaborative relationship. The game will feature as much fun stuff as we can think of in a stylized 2D environment, players better sharpen their scythes right now for the herds of zombies are coming on their iPhone very soon!”

Vincent Dondaine COO Bulkypix: “Bulkypix is always focused on bringing quality and innovations, so when we saw “Twin Blades” with its unique and amazing graphic style in addition to a well balanced gameplay our first reaction was … WOW! Press Start team is brilliant and already has a lot of background in the mobile gaming field dot We are sure Twin Blades is going to be a great success!”

Twin Blades will be a frantic beat-them-all set in a medieval-fantasy zombie-filled universe. Player will have to constantly juggle between the slashing ability of his character and his ranged weapons while dodging enemy zombies, rendering a unique and palpitating gameplay.


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