ColorBuster 1.0 released – An Addictive Puzzle Game for iPhone

Unicorn Multimedia, a small website and game design company, today
is proud to introduce a new take on a Commodore 64 classic game,
ColorBuster. It is an addictive new puzzle game for the iPhone that
lets players guide Hect0r the robot through an old space station. The
challenge is to clean up energy crate blocks by sliding them around the
game board. This simple, yet testing, game can puzzle any gamer.
ColorBuster launched September 17, 2009 and is available now in the App
Store for $1.99.

ColorBuster is an intuitive puzzle game for the iPhone that gives
any gamer hours of play-time with its challenging scenarios. This
classic game remake features up to 50 different levels of tricky
puzzles that can be played directly on the iPhone. ColorBuster is easy
to learn but it is hard to put down. The sliding-block puzzle game has
a well balanced learning curve, allowing any gamer to pick it up and

In the game, players control Hect0r, a lovable cleaning drone. It is
Hect0r’s job to clean every floor of the old space base. In order to do
that, the robot must find and collect working energy crates while
eliminating the dead ones. Players control Hect0r by swiping the screen
with a finger or by pressing traditional control arrows.

Game Features Include:

  • Two different game modes
  • Swipe and arrow control on-screen
  • 50 original puzzle levels
  • Can replay any level after beating 5 levels past it
  • High quality sound tracks
  • Features dynamic zooming capabilities
  • Global high score listing that is posted online

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone or iPod Touch 2.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:

  • ColorBuster 1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

Download ColorBuster Trial.


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