EVGA new video card for Halloween

EVGA had prepared a new video card, introduced at
Halloween. Although for the next generation video cards are developed on
NVIDIA’s architecture is necessary to wait several weeks, EVGA has decided to
develop a new proprietary solution, able to give something back to the end user.

The new video card, EVGA GeForce GTX 275 CO-OP PhysX
Edition is developed on the PCB of a normal GeForce GTX 295 (single version
PCB), on which is mounted a GeForce GTX 275 and GeForce GTS
250. As can be easily guessed by the name that the card will be marketed,
the board intends to use the second GPU as a unit PPU (Physics processing unit),
will therefore only to the calculations regarding the physics within the game. 

All specifications see the GPU GeForce GTX
275 working at 633MHz frequency standard while operating at 738MHz GeForce
GTS 250: memory is divided into two blocks, 896MB for the GPU and 384 are
dedicated to the main PPU. The images show how the heatsink used is the same as
that seen with the new GeForce GTX 295 to single PCB. The price for the
solution, currently available in U.S. dollars, is 349.99 USD. For more
information refer to website



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