Creative Zii Mediabook

On the occasion of the annual conference for its investors, the Singapore Creative Group has demonstrated in late October of a prototype located halfway between the reader of books and electronic media shelf. Called Mediabook Zii, this device would offer a large color screen, touch, and would also display many ebooks as videos or Web pages. Based on the platform Zii, marketed under license by Creative, it would also incorporates features of speech, a card reader micro SD and wireless connectivity, without anyone knowing if this is confined to WiFi or is eyeing the side of 3G.

Eager to enter the market still young and already invested by Amazon (Kindle), Sony (Reader) or Barnes & Noble’s (Nook), Creative intend to distinguish devices that simply display e-books offering Advanced multimedia experience.

According epiZENter, who relays the words of CEO of the firm, Creative has already begun contacting a dozen publishers in Asia, so as to quickly provide a supply of books and newspaper titles on this Zii Mediabook .

It remains to see what in fact apparently could take such a tablet, and what are its advantages when compared to traditional readers ebooks. While they use a electronic ink technology which ensures optimum visual comfort and a long battery life, Creative seems to be moving toward a slab LDC classic, best suited to display multimedia content but more greedy energy and less conducive to long phases of reading.

The manufacturer of Singapore will he choose a truly multifunctional shelf, supported by its solid processor all in one type of SoC (System on Chip), the ZMS-05? Its strategy would then approach the intentions that we attribute to Apple, supposedly preparing to launch a similar device. The CES in Las Vegas could be the opportunity for Creative to say a little more. In the meantime, we must be content with these very thin images, captured during the presentation held in Singapore.



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