Mandriva Linux 2010 Released

Mandriva will not miss the autumn period which usually bloom the new Linux distributions. The editor has indeed posted in the night variants of its new flagship product, Mandriva Linux 2010. Always declined in several editions ranging from 100% open source edition PowerPack for professionals, distribution workstation Mandriva opens this 2010 version to various news, from the latest desktop environments in Moblin date, through a promising device, dubbed "Smart Office".

If default, Mandriva Linux KDE adopted here in version 4.3.2, it is also possible to opt for Gnome (2.2.28) or LXDE for older machines. Upon installation, the 2010 is also responsible for analyzing the configuration of your machine for you by default choose the appropriate level of performance you have. "Today, approximately 45% of machines with Mandriva are using Gnome, against 55% for KDE. Plus it’s going, and we believe that we must preserve this diversity, "said Anne Nicolas-Velu, Mandriva VP of Engineering.

In addition, Mandriva 2010 will open this year in packets from the Moblin project (co-developed by Intel), which aims to provide a lightweight user interface adapted to small screens such as those netbooks. The hardware side this time, the publisher was pleased to be among the first to have integrated the drivers needed to run the platform Poulsbo, more often associated with Atom processors from Intel.

Also optional: the Sugar environment, from the OLPC program and for children in discovery phase of the computing universe. Note also the appearance of a systematic account "guest", ideal to leave a few minutes surfing friend from his computer, without compromising its own session, nor their privacy because the data generated are stored in a folder and TMP cleaned each closure. Technically, Mandriva 2010 Plymouth opens for a more lively start with Splashy and a new partitioning tool, more visual. Note also the integration of media center MooVida, and new tools dedicated to virtualization (VirtualBox 3 in particular).

Among other news, Red Hat puts particular emphasis on a new feature, "Smart Office" or smart desktop. Deriving from research project Nepomuk, it assumes that all too often in computer files and information are sorted according to the application that stores or has generated, while the user eventually needs a classification focused on tasks and projects. Using the software associated with this smart desktop, you can then connect its mails, documents and folders to a current task. Thereafter, a semantic analysis engine, relatively simple for now, take care to suggest new content for each product received or the association to a project. A manager, Desktop Task groups these different data and allows them to administer.

Mandriva 2010 is available in different editions: Mandriva Free, version 100% open source, Mandriva One, for the general public and provided with some drivers and proprietary software (eg Adobe tools) and Mandriva Powerpack, the paid version, billed 49 euros which comes together with a software DVD player and includes three months of technical support or assistance. It can download Mandriva One 2010 or Free in Gnome and KDE versions from our servers. Other versions will be available on the publisher’s website where the download links are not yet updated.

Download Mandriva Linux 2010


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