Active Media Ships Eco-Friendly Koala USB Flash Drive

Active Media Products, manufacturer of SSDs and innovative USB drives,
today began shipping an eco-friendly silicone rubber Koala drive, that
is both waterproof and shock resistant, in capacities from 2GB to 16GB.

Koala drive is exceptionally rugged. The sealed COB style USB drive has
a soft silicone rubber outer casing that provides outstanding
protection from the elements and protects the drive if it is dropped or
banged around. "Customers will enjoy the Koala drive’s durability as
much as its stylish design." commented Active Media Products’ VP of
Sales, Jerry Thomson. "The Koala drive merges form with function, and
the result is an awesome little product with great visual appeal and a
soft tactile feel that protects its contents much better than most USB
Part Number


  • R2G-KOALA 2GB PVC-free, waterproof Koala drive  —- $10
  • R4G-KOALA 4GB PVC-free, waterproof Koala drive   —- $13
  • R8G-KOALA 8GB PVC-free, waterproof Koala drive   —- $23
  • R16G-KOALA 16GB PVC-free, waterproof Koala drive   —- $40

Windows 7 compatible Koala drive is the fourth animal drive in the
company’s Endangered Species Series, joining the Panda, Penguin and
Polar Bear drives launched earlier this year. The Koala drive measures
only 43 x 33 x 20 mm (about 1.5 inches tall). Koala USB drives are
available today through Amazon at prices from $10 (2GB) to $40 (16GB).


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