Mandriva instanton, a mini OS

In parallel with the launch of different editions of its Mandriva Linux 2010, Mandriva the publisher has confirmed Tuesday evening that he was preparing to market with its latest special, a minimalist operating system called instanton, which can start a machine in less than ten seconds in loading a simplified interface yet equipped with all necessary software to surf the Web browser client to instant messaging.

The goal? Allowing individuals to install, along with their primary operating system, this rapid gateway to the Web. Primarily designed for laptops, although likely to be installed on a stationary engine, the Instanton should be operational in few seconds. "Up to ten seconds on a machine a little old, but more likely six or seven or even less if your laptop uses a SSD", said one of the engineers Mandriva parallel presentation.

Once loaded, the system offers a cleaner interface, or only a few large icons provide access to applications loaded in memory: Firefox for web, Thunderbird for email, Pidgin for instant messaging and, if the option is chosen, for office, at the risk of slowing some of the cargo. Based on the foundation of Mandriva 2010, Instanton this is obviously not unlike other similar systems, also built from Linux, integrated into their phones or their motherboards from manufacturers such as Asus, MSI , HP and others.

There are also many computers that do not offer this option. So the owner of those that wishes to address Mandriva. Depending on software configuration selected, the system occupies 300 MB to 1 GB of space on the hard drive, and would accommodate all configurations that is capable of handling the Mandriva One, including providing support Most of the key 3G market. With one click, it will be possible to switch the primary operating system without rebooting.

Once the system is installed, it will not be possible to change, warns the editor, which would also propose that manufacturers Instanton still not integrating their own solution. OEMs can customize for their system at leisure for such dress in their colors. Visible in the short demo video below, Instanton should be offered for sale in the month of November, directly from the Mandriva website.


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