ASRock launches 2nd Generation ION-based Nettops – ION 330HT

While the current nettops are fine for most computing jobs like office
and the internet tasks, ASRock NetTop ION 330HT series were also born
for entertaining enjoyments. Today, ASRock is pleased to introduce the
2nd-gen ION-based nettops, ION 330HT series. ASRock ION 330HT series
nettop can provide you the wholly needs for HTPC to running games and
videos smoothly at full speed!


If you search for ASRock NetTop
ION 330 on internet, you may find that there are lots of discussions
and recognitions going on. Indeed, our 1st-gen ION 330 nettops had own
numerous awards worldwide. Designed based on our 1st-gen ION 330
systems, the 2nd-gen ION 330HT series have eliminated the
impossibilities and integrated lots terrific features. Let’s read on
the following pages to see what’s extra new on our revolutionary
2nd-gen ION 330HT nettops!

The cleverly named ION 330HT
series mean that it is a full-feature home theater solution based on
the wonderful NVIDIA® ION™ graphics architecture. And it is equipped
with Intel® Atom™ 330 1.6 GHz Dual-Core CPU, NVIDIA® ION™ 330 chipset,
2GB Dual Channel DDR2 memory, maximum memory capacity up to 4GB. The
native ION graphics also bring full support for CUDA applications and
DirectX 10, Full HD 1080p (Blu-ray) playback and be able to play true
high-definition videos and games.

ASRock NetTop ION 330 system
is the world’s 1st ION NetTop system which passed the Windows® 7 logo
submission! Surely, our nettops are all fully tested to compatible with
Microsoft® latest OS – Windows® 7!

ION 330HT series is capable
to support RAID 0 and 1 by adopting the second 2.5” HDD in its small
2.5-liter system! With RAID support, you may enjoy a faster transfer
speed and never be afraid of the data damage or loss. Moreover, as the
below graph shows, RAID 0 can let you have extremely 197% performance
boost up compared to IDE.

For audio aspect, NetTop ION 330HT
series supports 7.1 CH HD audio featuring the exclusive Premium Blu-ray
audio and DTS technology. The DTS technology has been integrated in the
ION 330HT series. With DTS support, you can get a cinema-style sound
experience and can even hear every detail in riveting surround sound.
In addition, ASRock signature Premium Blu-ray Audio can let you immerse
in the Blu-ray entertainments in a high audio quality of 24-bit/192KHz.

small, sleek, fashionable designs provide the ultra-portable function
for our nettops, and it’s ideal for setting in your living room too.
Designed with BD Combo, ION 330HT-BD allows you to enjoy the dazzling
audio and visual experience by running the Blu-ray disc source. ION
330HT and ION 330Pro were equipped with DVD Super Multi Player which
enables you to use it immediately without having to get an external DVD
playback device.

To get the latest WiFi technology, ASRock ION
330HT series features the highest speed networking of 802.11n as well.
Compared to the 802.11g, wireless 802.11n can provide the faster
wireless connections over the longer distance. Our nettops offer the
fastest speed with two invisible antennas (placed in a
vertical/horizontal position) hidden inside the front panel that
provide you the most stable and unrestricted-direction wireless network

Great looks doesn’t mean you have to give up on green
credentials for your nettops. ASRock ION 330HT series nettop combines
the sophisticated design with environmental friendly features, and was
recently achieved both EuP (Energy Using Product) 2.0 and Energy Star
5.0 level certifications. To achieve EuP 2.0 standard, ASRock nettops
fulfill the European Union’s stringent criteria by making the total AC
power consumption of the completed system under 0.5W in off mode.

surprise on ION 330HT-BD / ION 330HT? This time, we have bundled a
multi-functional remote controller with the nettop! The remote
controller comes with MCE (Media Center Edition) function which
facilitates the way of playing multi-media entertainments.

for multimedia playback, ASRock ION 330HT series comes with all major
outputs at the back panel. You may find DC-in, S/PDIF OUT, RJ45 Gigabit
LAN jack, USB2.0, System Fan, HDMI, VGA and Powered eSATA/USB ports.
The most mentionable part should be the Powered eSATA/USB port, it not
only supports USB device but also eSATA device without additional power

The full-specification ION 330HT nettops bring rich
functional utilities as well. First of all, ASRock famous Instant Boot
allows you to boot up to Windows® in a few seconds. Secondly, EZ OC
helps you to easily overclocking CPU frequency by providing you an
easy-operate fine-tuning interface. Subsequently, the Good Night LED is
another worth mentioning tool which can turn off the annoying LED
lights and make you won’t be disturbed anymore. Last but not least, our
nettops are bundled with ASRock Software Suite. It offers a string of
Cyberlink’s user-friendly tools which offer you a zero barriers way to
play, burn, backup and edit the multimedia contents.


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