Truly Networks Launches a One Deal at A Time

Truly Networks, a next-gen online retail development firm, today announced the launch of, a “One Deal at A Time” (ODAT) shopping Web site for guys, featuring the most respected names in street wear and contemporary fashion with a west coast vibe, including Innes, RCVA, and more. All products are available for a limited time, one product at a time, at deep discounts of 50 to 80 percent off.

Eric Ingram, president of Truly Networks, chose the name because he grew up in a part of the Santa Cruz Mountains called Last Chance Road. This unique place, in the middle of the redwood forest overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is a short distance from beach towns like Santa Cruz and is a unique mix of the modern society and backcountry living.

“After seeing the success of, our ODAT site for everyday women featuring high quality designer products available for deep discounts, we decided we wanted to create a complimentary site providing the same shopping opportunities for guys,” said Ingram. “ will provide guys or women shopping for the guys in their life with deep discounts of up to 80% off on lifestyle products, including skate, surf, snow, and some rock inspired brands.”

Husband and wife team Eric and Melissa Ingram created Truly Networks to provide consumers with opportunities to quickly and easily enjoy the finer things in life without breaking the bank. Inspired by the social shopping model pioneered by and, they wanted to merge top brands with huge markdowns, limited quantities, and a very limited time to purchase.

Ingram added: “It’s no secret that we are facing uncertain economic times, and now more than ever, consumers demand more for less. Both and now provide shoppers with incredible value with an easy and efficient shopping experience.”

Both and offer a convenient “Hold and Ship” feature, allowing consumers with options to save on shipping. At the end of a one-step checkout page, the shopper is presented with a choice; “I want my stuff!” (Ship items in my cart now), or “I want to buy more and save!” (Hold items in my cart). After paying the original shipping price for the first purchase (on Hold), each additional purchase costs only $0.99 to ship, saving a bundle and encouraging repeat business. It’s that fancy “put all my stuff in one box” trick. The customer may choose to ship her items at any moment or at the end of each purchase.

“We’re creating a unique solution for exclusive brands to engage customers, move inventory, and create buzz”, stated Ingram. “By presenting highly sought-after items with limited quantities for a very limited time, we are vigorously protecting the value of our high-end brands.”

There’s no way to tell what will be on sale tomorrow, in the next hour, or even what sold yesterday. The innovation doesn’t stop here, both Web sites are equipped with an “early warning system”. Alert tools are available for nearly every desktop and mobile platform out there, from a Firefox Add-on to an iPhone App, which allows shoppers to stay on top of each new item before it sells out.


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