NETGEAR Introduces ProSafe Plus Switches

The ProSafe Plus Switch is NETGEAR’s breakthrough offering that, for a slight
premium over unmanaged switches, supports Quality of Service, VLANs and cable
testing for better visibility and control of Ethernet networks


NETGEAR Inc., a worldwide provider of technologically innovative,
branded networking solutions, today announced a revolutionary new
category of switches designed for growing businesses with growing network needs.
The new ProSafe Plus Switch family empowers non-technical users with new
capabilities to monitor and configure their network, helping them build a low
cost network that takes advantage of big business network features.

This new family of switches includes two Fast Ethernet versions, the 16-port
FS116E desktop switch and 24-port JFS524E rack-mounted switch, and one Gigabit
Ethernet version, the 5-port GS105E desktop switch. At a very small cost premium
over unmanaged switches, a Plus Switch delivers network monitoring, cable
testing, traffic prioritization and network segmentation for better
troubleshooting, security and resource allocation, making it far more powerful
than unmanaged switches. Additionally, all of these switches utilize Green
Ethernet features to significantly reduce the power required to operate, saving
money and the environment.

"Businesses are relying more heavily on their networks as they deploy more
Ethernet-based technologies such as VoIP, as well as Internet-based applications
for email, calendaring and collaboration," said Maggie Wu, NETGEAR’s product
line manager for SMB Switching Products. "To support this trend, NETGEAR has
created this simple yet powerful network switch for businesses. The ProSafe Plus
Switch, as an upgrade from the simple connectivity of an unmanaged switch,
offers our customers essential network features such as enhanced security,
troubleshooting, traffic prioritization, segmentation and monitoring, all at an
affordable price."

Key Features

ProSafe Plus Switches enable these enhanced business features with
easy-to-use configuration tools. The graphically based software utility enables
users to manage network traffic, which has never been seen before in this level
of switch. Quality of Service (QoS) features enables users to assign traffic
priority based on physically connected ports or prioritize traffic by the types
of data, such as streaming video and voice. With VLAN support for network
segmentation and security, users can set up network groups to enhance security
and use the network resources more efficiently. Plus Switches also offer cable
testing capability for troubleshooting connectivity problems. Network diagnostic
tools with cable testing capabilities often cost hundreds of dollars, but this
capability is included with these new switches.

ProSafe Plus Switches are designed with ease-of-use in mind. They can be set
up as plug-and-play switches, or be configured through a simple PC-based
utility. The fan-less switches operate silently, making them ideal for placement
in open work areas. The GS105E and FS116E are in compact, sturdy metal cases
ideal for desktop placement, while the JFS524E can be mounted in a standard
19-inch rack.

Green Features

Similar to NETGEAR’s existing line of "green" switches, which includes the
GS716T and GS724T Smart Switches among others, the new ProSafe Plus Switches
consume up to 70 percent less power than their unmanaged equivalents. The FS116E
and JFS524E are the industry’s first Fast Ethernet switches to support this type
of power reduction technology:

  • Auto Power-downThis mode reduces chip power in each Ethernet port
    when the signal from the copper link is not present, thus saving power, but
    instantly resumes normal operation when energy is detected.
  • Auto Cable Length Detection This enables the switch to use lower
    power if its connections cover a distance of less than 10 meters.

Like many other NETGEAR products for the home and SMB, Plus Switches come in
packaging that is manufactured with at least 80 percent recycled material.

"With many business users running multiple, real-time applications on their
networks, they need to be able to segment and prioritize traffic to ensure
consistent performance," said Matthias Machowinski, directing analyst of
enterprise voice and data at Infonetics Research, an international market
research and consulting firm specializing in data networking and telecom.
"NETGEAR’s new line of ProSafe Plus Switches gives SMBs greater control over
their networks at only a modest premium over unmanaged switches, thereby
providing a good balance between features and price."

Pricing and Availability

With full 24/7 technical support that connects customers directly with
experienced switching experts, NETGEAR ProSafe Plus Switches (FS116E, JFS524E
and GS105E) will give businesses a powerful new tool to organize their networks.
All three Plus Switches are shipping now, and will be made available worldwide
from value-added resellers, leading direct marketers, and e-commerce sites at
estimated U.S. street prices starting from $70 for the GS105E, $90 for the
FS116E and $110 for the JFS524E. All ProSafe products provide world-class
reliability with a NETGEAR Lifetime Warranty and optional ProSupport Maintenance


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