GNOME 3.0 in Sep, 2010

The next release of GNOME is not the expected version 3.0 which has been scheduled for the month of September 2010.

Every six months a new version of GNOME is emerging. GNOME and KDE are "competing" popular desktop environments for Linux distributions public. After the release of GNOME 2.28 in September last, the next release is scheduled for March 2010. It will take place, but a question remained unresolved, namely whether it will be version 2.30 or 3.0, or a change of branch synonymous with major change.

The developers wanted to give himself time to offer users a fully functional solution. He finally decided that GNOME 3.0 will be valid for September 2010. However, as has already happened with GNOME 2.28, bricks milling 3.0 will continue to be raised, while the modules and features that will lose their interest with the passage will be deleted.

With GNOME 2.28, it is already possible to have an overview of GNOME Shell changes the way to start a business and how to move from one activity to another. GNOME is a Shell manager composition windows for the office. A major component of GNOME 3.0 GNOME will also Zeitgeist which modifies the interaction with the file via an approach based on a journal to access them using tags, bookmarks … Use less centered on the filesystem hierarchy standard.

Mark Shuttleworth will not be unhappy at the extra time, since the time of the announcement of the next LTS version of Ubuntu called Lucid Lynx (10.04), the founder of distribution said it will be based on GNOME 2.x.

The project promises a great year 2010 for GNOME.


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