Google offers free Wi-Fi at airports

Traveling by air especially during traditional holidays! Then you might be experience delays or any case of other problem that may force you to spend some
time at the airport. Frequent travelers know that the rates for internet access
at the airport, especially with Wi-Fi is not exactly best and very often the audience finds them too expensive unprofessional
to access only for entertainment.

Being able to stay in touch with friends and family see the
social network, search for information are activities that users would deal
with pleasure, if only they were cheap. Google has
thought of this type of user and through an agreement with 47
U.S. airports and with the Wi-Fi service providers operating in those
structures and has decided for the current period, the one that runs from
Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Year, which happens to be one in which
Americans travel more by plane to offer free Wi-Fi in 47 airport facilities with
which it has forged partnerships.

But free the connectivity does not stop here and is extended
to all Virgin America flights. All the info is available
at the website dedicated to the initiative: Holyday Free Wi-Fi.




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