Dragon Ball: Raging Blast Now Available for XBOX 360 & Playstation 3

Leading video games developer and publisher NAMCO BANDAI Games America
Inc., announced today that Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is now available
nationwide for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from
Microsoft and PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system. Recreating
the popular Dragon Ball Z series’ epic combat in all its glory, Dragon
Ball: Raging Blast includes a host of exciting gameplay options
including powerful and customizable attacks, stunning HD graphics, and
a variety of gameplay modes including online or offline versus and
tournament matches.

Developed by acclaimed game studio SPIKE, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast
features more than 70 characters, including transformations, facing off
against each other in iconic battles throughout the Dragon Ball Z
series sagas. Fans can play as their favorite heroes and villains to
directly experience the thrill of epic match-ups from the series or
play out never-before-seen hypothetical “what if” scenarios.

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast offers a variety of single-player modes as
well as offline and online multiplayer versus or tournament options.
Single-players can practice their moves in the Dojo, experience the
Dragon Ball Z series story in the Dragon Battle Collection or complete
various challenges in Super Battle Trial mode. Once they’ve mastered
their Ki Blasts and Kamehameha attacks, players can face-off in versus
or tournament modes against others either on or offline. As players
progress through the game and win more battles, they receive items and
Super Attacks as rewards. Players can then utilize these with the
Ultimate Customize option to configure up to three customization
profiles of each character, which can then be used in versus battles. A
full set of familiar series-based combat tools are also at the player’s
disposal including dashes, Ki Blasts, charge attacks, Ultimate Attacks,
transformations, fusions and more.

New large-scale, massively destructible environments create grandiose
stages for incredible battles. Adding a new level of interactivity and
strategic advantage, characters can now take immense damage from being
propelled into mountains, buildings and debris. A new “Super Rising”
option allows players to rocket straight up into the sky for a quick
evasive maneuver that adds another dimension to the fast-paced melee.
Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is set to deliver more explosive fighting
action than ever seen before!

Dragon Ball: Raging Blast is rated “T” for teen audiences by
the ESRB and carries an MSRP of $59.99. For more information about the
game, please visit dragonball.namco.com


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