Google adds Latitude Location History & Alerts

Google Latitude is a service designed specifically for
mobile users . you can consciously activate your
terminal option Latitude, communicating to all your contacts so Google also a
small selection for the your location. The option deserves to be activated in
wisely in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.


The development team Mobile announced two interesting news related to the service
Latitude. With the Google User have option Location History .It has
the possibility to save History on the move made with
Google Latitude enabled mobile terminal and then retrive back from pocket after
some time so you can view the route taken or simply go back to where you were in a
specific day.

During these months the developers have collected several
suggestions and requests sent by different users, and between them have found
interesting to integrate the functionality Location Google
Alerts. Through this option you will receive a notice when close to its
present position which is another one of your contacts, in this way we can organize
short meetings also. To access the new features offered by Google
recommend Latitude go to this a link.


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