The Microsoft Zune HD opens 3D games

Microsoft never focused on the technical side, one of the arguments flagship Zune HD is the integration of the chip all in one Tegra NVIDIA supposed to offer good performance in 3D . We knew that the player was capable of decoding video up to 720p, but it remained to verify its capabilities in the field of gaming. U.S. consumers who have opted for Microsoft’s player will have the opportunity to engage in some tests, because the publisher is making available through its Zune Marketplace, six titles exploiting the 3D. These games are offered for free. However, it will withstand a short screen advertising the launch of each of them and install the latest firmware the 4.3 to enjoy it.

In the program a set of cars, Ferrari Edition PMP, a musical game, Audiosurf Tilt, a title dedicated to bowling, Lucky Lanes Bowling, a game of skate, play piano and chess are included . While thousands of games are on the App Store from Apple, Microsoft had to cover part of the delay. The offer is for the moment relatively modest, although other titles soon to follow.


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