AMD Fusion releasing in 2011

AMD recently detailed the path to Fusion, at a conference during which it unveiled its roadmap for the next two years. With the concept of the APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) combines CPU and GPU, the founder of Sunnyvale takes the same path as his eternal rival Intel with Clarkdale. The processor division of the company has guided much of the success of the graphics division to finally head out of water after a newly aligned tenth quarter loss.

The first representative of the Fusion concept should be agreed as the APU Llano. This chip using the method of manufacture 32 nm GlobalFoundries should count 1 billion transistors. It will include a quad-CPU heart comparable Phenom II controller DDR3 RAM, but also and especially a GPU that supports DirectX 11. With this model, AMD promises reduced power consumption and consequently an extended autonomy. This architecture will integrate the platform of "Lynx" for desktop and another respondent, code-named "Sabine" laptop.

The high performance architecture "Bulldozer" address for its servers and midrange desktops and should succeed the K10 architecture to be found including the Athlon and Phenom II. This new architecture will, however, be a new approach to multithreading, each heart actually have two real blocks execution of integers independent, have their own cache, unlike Intel’s HyperThreading.

AMD is also preparing low power architecture "Bobcat". It should join the APU Ontario and provide a height-performance. The depth actually promises 90% performance in a chip half the size that would consume less than one watt.

These architectures appear quite innovative and interesting on paper but it will take its misfortune patiently since the first "sample" should be created during the year 2010 for marketing in 2011.


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