EA’s The Sims 3 World Adventures Launches This Week

Let There Be New Lands, Let There Be New Adventures, Let There Be Sims

The Sims are off on an adventure of a lifetime! The EA Play Label of
Electronic Arts announced that The Sims™ 3
World Adventures Expansion Pack, the first expansion pack to the
best-selling PC game of calendar 2009**, The Sims 3, is available
at retail nationwide and for digital download today for the PC and Mac.
The game will be in stores worldwide in 60 countries and in 22 languages
this week.

“The Sims 3 World Adventures is the most robust expansion pack in
the history of The Sims franchise,” said Scott Evans, General
Manager of The Sims at EA. “Players can take their Sims to three
new real-world inspired locations in Egypt, France, and China where they
will embark on exciting adventures, master new skills, and discover
exotic objects and treasures to collect. In addition, the enhanced
building and customization features will allow players to express their
creativity in exciting new ways. We’re looking forward to seeing what
players create and the new stories, content, and movies they’ll share

The Sims have itchy feet and are looking for adventure far from Sunset
Valley. Players travel with their Sims to three real-world inspired
locations in Egypt, France, and China. They can search for treasure in
ancient tombs in Al Simhara, Egypt, fill the sky with fireworks
purchased from locals in Shang Simla, China and master the art of
nectar-making in Champs Les Sims, France. Players can accept challenges,
chase down new personal opportunities, and meet locals who will share
their culture and style. Along the way, they can capture the funny,
scary and exciting moments while using the brand new photography skill.
Once they have completed their quests, players can bring their treasures
home with them to reminisce and share with other Sims. Additionally,
players will get exclusive, extra game content when they register their
copy of the PC/Mac version of the game online. They will receive the
Explorer’s Loot Set which includes exotic Egyptian furniture, Chinese
décor, and more as well as 1,000 SimPoints*** to be used in The Sims 3
Store to customize their game with additional in-game items.

The Sims fans around the world will be rockin’ out to new Simlish
music in The Sims 3 World Adventures. Over a dozen artists lent
their Simlish voice stylings to the game including GRAMMY
Award-winners Nelly Furtado and LeAnn Rimes, plus hot rising stars Matt
+ Kim, Fefe Dobson, Pixie Lott, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, Katie
Melua, Esmee Denters, Young Punx!, Evan Taubenfeld, Madina Lake, and

The Sims 3 World Adventures will also be available for feature
phones, the iPhone and iPod touch in early 2010 from EA Mobile. These
versions do not require a base game to play and will have customized
mobile gameplay features.

The Sims 3 World Adventures for PC/Mac is rated T for Teen and is
available at retail and online through digital distribution at eastore.
For those who haven’t already purchased The Sims 3 or need a good
gift idea for friends or family, a special limited Holiday Collector’s
Edition will also be available on November 17, 2009. The special edition
will feature content from the original The Sims 3 Collector’s
Edition along with new holiday content.


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