Infineon and ARM Strategic Architectural License Agreement for Advanced Security Applications

Technologies AG and ARM announced a long-term strategic collaboration in the field
of security controllers for chip card and security applications. Based
on the agreement, Infineon will receive an ARMv6M and ARMv7M
architecture license. With its own specialized ARM
architecture-compliant CPU cores, Infineon will address the current and
future needs of the security markets in terms of hardware-based
security, combined with the advantages of the industry’s most widely
licensed 32-bit CPU technology.

Infineon is the only ARM partner to have an ARM architecture
license specifically for security applications. Under this agreement,
Infineon is able to integrate its innovative security measures into the
heart of the CPU core implementation, while maintaining compatibility
with the standard ARM processor instruction set. This approach enables
code reuse and access to the wide ARM development ecosystem. Infineon
aims to have the first products in volume production by the second half
of 2011, initially targeting the Multimedia SIM cards market. In
addition, Infineon will combine the ARM architecture and its “Integrity
Guard” hardware security technology, designed for use in highly
demanding chip card-based and security applications, in future products
for high-end security segments.

“With this strategic cooperation, Infineon consequently follows its
strategy to base its security products on its own cores. We will create
proprietary security cores which combine our state-of-the-art security
features along with the specific benefits of the ARM architecture,
offering high performance, low power and the ARM ecosystem,” said Dr.
Helmut Gassel, President of the Chip Card & Security Division at
Infineon Technologies. “In the forefront of hardware-based security
developments, Infineon will continue to drive innovation, resulting in
superior security products for the benefit of our customers.”

“Our agreement with Infineon is a clear demonstration of
collaborative differentiation further extending the applicability of
the ARM architecture to the most demanding security applications,” said
Mike Inglis, EVP and GM, Processor Division, ARM. “We continue to enjoy
considerable success in the smartcard market with our SecurCore™
processors and our collaboration with Infineon is an element of our
ongoing strategy to enable developers in the embedded security market
to be able to utilize the ARM architecture in their future designs.” ARM and Infineon look back on almost a decade of cooperation, mainly in wireless communication applications.

Together with energy efficiency and communication, security is one
of the three focus areas of Infineon. Infineon is the number one chip
card semiconductor vendor, with 25.5 percent of the worldwide market
valued at US$2.4 billion in 2008. The company is contributing its
quarter-century of security expertise to the effort to increase the
security of today’s solutions in communications, payment and banking,
reliable identification of persons and goods, access protection for
data and networks, and digital home entertainment electronics.


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