Pegasystems launches Global Customer Support Centre in India

India support centre to play critical role in Pega’s overall strategy to deliver full "follow- the-sun" support capability for their global customers

Pegasystems Inc., the leader in Business Process Management (BPM) software solutions, today announced the launch of its Customer Support Centre in India. The centre comes as a part of its global strategy to tap the growing Indian market to provide 24×7 support availability and full follow-the-sun capability. The Customer Support Centre launch comes as the next step in a continuum of events for Pegasystems Inc., after they launched Pegasystems Worldwide India Private Ltd, the Indian headquarters and R&D center of the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based company a year ago.

Strategically, Pegasystems envisions a 24×7 customer support framework and India, due to its geographical advantage of proximity to Europe, Asia and the Middle East, will play a very critical role in fulfilling this vision. So far, Pegasystems’ Cambridge, MA and Reading U.K. support centers have been servicing the global support requirements, including the 10% of requirements originated from customer and partner staff located within India. Now, the India centre will complement these existing support centres to provide service coverage throughout all business hours across the world. The India Support Centre will open with an initial staff of ten support personnel. This is expected to scale up further over the coming years in support of Pega’s growing worldwide business. This expansion of Pegasystems’ India operation is expected to drive a further economic lift of $50M – $100M USD to the India economy over the next five years, as it facilitates expanded investment by partners and customers in their India operations.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sam Falk, Head of Global Customer Support for Pegasystems, said, "The opening of the Hyderabad Support Centre is a critical milestone in the evolution of Pegasystems’ client service capabilities to provide world-class technical support whenever our customers and partners require it. The support team in the India centre will work primarily with the staff of our customers and partners who are based in India, and will also handle support requests from any area of the world. With the Hyderabad center in full operation over the next few months, Pegasystems will be able to respond to our customer’s requests whenever they are entered, and provide full ‘follow-the-sun’ support for critical issues. Eventually, our vision for the Hyderabad support centre is for it to take care of two-thirds of support requirements each business day and the other one-third from our support centre in Cambridge."

The Pegasystems support team has expertise in their products as well as in all components of their customers’ computing infrastructures. The support team works closely with clients to solve problems and overcome technical obstacles encountered during the full solution lifecycle (install, build, integrate, test, deploy, post-production). Support is delivered to customers using state of the art collaboration technology that teams Pegasystems, customers and partner specialists to directly troubleshoot design or implementation challenges. In this world of complex, mission critical systems, it is vital that all the players with the best skill sets are able to work together to identify and remediate problems.

"Pegasystems views technical support as an integral part of our Engineering team because we believe the best technical support will be provided by people who are experts in technical problem solving and communications and who also build the product. We have a large Engineering group in India, and the support team in India will be working with the Engineering team to build the product. We expect the opening of our India Support Centre to benefit all of our customers, not just those in the India market, from the extended support hours and expertise offered by our Hyderabad support centre," said Mr. Pankaj Grover, Senior Director of Engineering for Pegasystems in India


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