MedAptus Introduces Professional Intelligent Charge Capture For BlackBerry Smartphones

MedAptus, market leader for charge capture technologies, today announced the
extension of its Professional Intelligent Charge Capture software suite –
Practice Plus Edition, Inpatient Edition and Enterprise Edition – to
BlackBerry smartphone devices. MedAptus support for Research In Motion’s
BlackBerry platform gives healthcare customers even greater choice and
flexibility when selecting appropriate hardware for coding at the

Every day, thousands of savvy clinicians utilize MedAptus’ charge capture
automation for the timely and accurate submission of professional charges.
MedAptus customers include single-specialty groups, larger multi-specialty
practices and academic medical centers. In any setting, the tool has been
well-documented to drive rapid financial benefit and enthusiastic user adoption.

In addition to BlackBerry smartphones, the MedAptus system is currently
available on Windows Mobile devices, web-enabled workstations and tablet
computers; a version for the Apple iPhone is in development for release in
2010. Regardless of hardware choice, routine customer benefits of MedAptus’
solution include revenue improvement, compliance gains and streamlined billing

According to a recent report by Manhattan Research entitled "Physicians in
2012: The Outlook for On Demand, Mobile, and Social Digital Media," physician
smartphone utilization rates are currently at 61 percent, and will reach over 80
percent in just under three years. The report additionally estimates that over
half of current physician smartphone users have BlackBerry devices for
activities that range from patient monitoring to administrative tasks such as
charge capture.

"MedAptus was founded on the belief that busy providers need appropriate
tools to help enhance personal and operational efficiency. The evolution of
hardware since our first system deployments has been radical – where we once
encountered occasional resistance to the notion of a provider adopting mobile
computing, nowadays the ‘device’ has become as commonplace as the stethoscope.
Extending our suite to the BlackBerry platform was an easy decision given the
significant proliferation of the brand across healthcare," said James Scott,
vice president of engineering at MedAptus.

Professional Intelligent Charge Capture for the BlackBerry is part of
MedAptus’ ninth major release, currently being deployed at customer sites. This
latest version also includes a number of enhancements designed to further
simplify the end-user experience. These include an updated web interface aimed
at more efficient charge entry and review and improved code shortcut
functionality in the form of "service sets" that yield compliance and revenue
integrity. There are also a number of changes capable of driving organizational
benefits, such as CCOW for leveraging EMR investments and greater flexibility in
the creation of custom rules for adherence to localized payer requirements.


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