HDS Launches Universal Storage System

HDS has unveiled the TagmaStore Universal Storage System that can scale to 332TB of internal storage and manage up to 32 petabytes of external storage.

The storage system is a series of three arrays based on a switched architecture that can reach many levels of consolidation, allowing the virtualization of internal and external heterogeneous storage into one pool.As an integral component of Application Optimized Storage solutions, the Universal Storage Platform is the architectural foundation for matching application requirements to different classes of storage. It provides a set of storage and data services including virtualization of internal and external heterogeneous storage for application-centric storage area management and simplified and unified data replication.

News source: CXO Today Its performance specifications include provision of 2 million I/Os per second, 81GB/sec aggregate internal bandwidth with a scalability of 32PB of total storage capacity including up to 332TB of internal storage. The connectivity configuration includes upto192 fibre channel, 64 ESCON or 48 FICON ports for connectivity facilitated by Universal Star Network crossbar switch architecture.


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