Norton Ghost 15 Offers Windows 7 Compatibility and Blu-ray Disc Support

Symantec Corp., makers of Norton security software, announced yesterday the worldwide release of Norton Ghost 15,
one of the industry’s most advanced PC backup and recovery solutions.
Windows 7 compatible Norton Ghost 15 now offers 25G and 50G Blu-ray
Disc support. This version also introduces a new cold imaging feature
that images computers without installing the product. In addition,
Norton Ghost uses Symantec’s powerful ThreatCon indicator to
automatically back up PCs in the event of a severe security threat.

Norton Ghost 15 is a robust and professional-grade backup solution
for both home users and small businesses. With Norton Ghost, lost or
damaged files can be recovered and restored in the event of a system
failure, even if the computer’s operating system does not start. It
also allows backup of an entire system or specific files and folders
while saving recovery points to offsite locations using FTP. Norton
Ghost is also flexible, allowing users to decide when to back up their
system, either on a schedule or based on an event.

“Norton Ghost has been the essential imaging and recovery product
since 1996,” said Dave Cole, senior director of consumer products,
Symantec. “Consumers PCs have never been more central to people’s
lives, or more at risk due to cybercrime and critical failures. Ghost
15 not only is a powerful disaster recovery tool, but also it adds
important features such as Windows 7 compatibility and Blu-ray Disc
support to keep current with the way people are using their computers

In addition, Norton Ghost works with both 25G and 50G Blu-ray Discs
and most storage drives, including external hard drives, networked
drives, and recordable and rewritable CDs and DVDs. It also includes a
hot backups feature, which lets users back up their computers without
having to shut it down first. Norton Ghost is also supported by Windows
7 Bitlocker, providing enhanced data protection through drive
encryption and integrity checking, keeping stored data safe and

Norton Ghost 15 now also includes cold imaging technology, which
backs up files without installing the product, saving users time and
money. After purchasing a new computer, users can image the PC
immediately before any software is loaded so that factory settings
remain intact. Also, cold imaging allows easy back up of a system by
simply booting to the recovery environment (a light version of the
Windows operating system) from the Norton Ghost CD, and then initiating
a backup.

Backing up isn’t just about saving files from accidental data loss;
these days computers can fall prey to damage from cybercriminals.
That’s why Norton Ghost 15 leverages Symantec’s ThreatCon, which uses
intelligence from Symantec Security Response to automatically backup
files whenever the landscape reaches a specific threat level.

Pricing and Availability

Norton Ghost 15 is now available worldwide for purchase through the Symantec Store at,
select retail locations and various online outlets for an estimated
retail price of US $69.99. In addition, Norton offers other backup
solutions including Norton Online Backup, which provides automatic
protection for your important digital photos and files, and Norton 360,
an all-in-one solution for protecting your PC and all your online


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