LimeLabs Introduces Free Hosting and Domain Registration Service

LimeDomains makes it easy for people to get powerful websites running quickly and easily, said Mark Gorton, Founder of LimeLabs. LimeDomains offers free hosting and free application installation, and we are finding that many people appreciate the great value we are offering.

All LimeDomains accounts come with access to an extensive catalog of open source web applications ranging from popular blogs such as WordPress, to full-featured content management systems such as Drupal and Joomla. Users can also upload their own files or transfer their existing websites — such as their Geocities pages — to LimeDomains via a built-in file manager, or any popular FTP client. Most popular web design applications, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, are also supported.

Unlike other free hosting services, there are no strings attached to the free hosting offer on LimeDomains. Users do not have to sign-up for any third party services, or submit themselves to a barrage of solicitations ( e-mail, or otherwise ), or place mandatory ads on their website. Most importantly, the free accounts are not crippled in any way — and receive the same quality of service, performance and reliability that most other hosting services charge a premium for.

We are excited to be first to market with a credible, full-featured free website solution, said John Enright, VP Marketing < Business Development at LimeLabs. Our feature set and customer experience is already well ahead of any other hosting service — free or otherwise — and this is just the beginning.


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