NASSCOM mulls national-level test for BPO job aspirants

NASSCOM, the software and IT service industry’s apex body, is in talks with large players in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector for devising a common entrance test for aspiring employees.

NASSCOM president Kiran Karnik said there is some thinking in the industry to create a single employment assessment test for those who want to join the BPO industry. He agreed that test could be modelled on GRE, the first hurdle that has to be crossed by students aiming to study at North American universities.

News source: ZDNet India

Submitted by shahbaaz_vision “We are talking to various HR heads of large BPO companies to develop the mechanics and format of the test,” Karnik said. At present, state-level assessment tests are becoming key recruitment criteria for large as well as small BPO companies.

Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala already have such tests, which measure various skills such as spoken English and typing speed, among others. West Bengal will soon launch its own assessment test. According to BPO sector’s HR people, a national certification programme will lower the attrition rate as well as create a pool of talent in various areas of BPO services.

Gautam Chainani, director of human resource at WNS Global Services Pvt Ltd, said: “We would always prefer people with some certification for our BPO jobs.” He said the certification test would help identify college graduates who plan to have a long-term career in the BPO segment.

“We are talking with Nasscom to have a single national-level certification, which will save valuable time and money that goes into the recruitment process every year,” he said.

MeritTrac, a Bangalore-based skill assessment company, is helping the state governments conduct such tests.It organises online tests that assess a candidate’s proficiency in various skills. The online test is divided into various modules like listening and comprehension, data entry speed per minute, spoken English and qualitative and quantitative attitudes.

Madan Padaki, director of Meritrac Services, said: “The test is granular in structure according to industry demand. So, for a voice-based BPO, spoken English will be important, while typing speed will score for a non-voice transaction job.

“The assessment test serves the overall industry need,” he said. The test has already been accepted as one of the parameters by large BPOs like ICICI OneSource, Wipro Spectramind, GE and HSBC, according to Padaki.


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