GE Aviation Acquires Naverus supplier of Performance-Based Navigation

GE Aviation announces today that it has acquired Naverus, Inc., a
privately owned, Washington-based supplier of advanced
Performance-based Navigation (PBN) services, including Required
Navigation Performance (RNP) procedure development, PBN procedure
maintenance, operations support and consulting for airlines, air
navigation service providers and airports.

“GE is committed to
delivering solutions that help our customers operate aircraft more
efficiently, with reduced environmental impact,” said Lorraine
Bolsinger, president & CEO, GE Aviation Systems. “The acquisition
of Naverus brings some of the best PBN technology to GE Aviation’s
Systems business, further expanding our commitment to deliver
environmental results for our customers. We are delighted that Naverus
is joining our team today.”

Naverus’ RNP technology, combined
with GE’s existing suite of avionics and flight management systems,
enables GE to better address customers’ needs for air traffic
management service solutions.

Naverus’ RNP technology can help
airlines reduce flight time, carbon emissions and community noise on
both approach and departure. RNP technology is fundamental to the
transition from existing ground-based, voice-controlled air traffic
management to time- and space-based digital systems. This transition
represents the future of air traffic management and is a key focus of
the FAA “NextGen” and Eurocontrol “SESAR” initiatives.

is great news for Naverus and our customers,” said Naverus CEO Steve
Forte. “Customers will continue to benefit from the same expertise and
service for which Naverus is known, while the strength of GE provides a
platform for future innovation and growth.”

RNP procedures are
one of few services in the aerospace industry that simultaneously
improve fuel efficiency, aircraft emissions, community noise, system
capacity, and airline productivity. By working with airline partners
and government officials around the world, GE is committed to improving
air traffic management through its ecomagination effort.

“In a
continued challenging economic climate, GE is able to provide air
traffic management solutions that promote greater asset utilization,
reduced fuel burn and better use of airport infrastructure,” continued

The world’s first RNP procedures were flown in
southeast Alaska in 1996. In February 2003, Alaska Airlines pilots
Steve Fulton, Hal Andersen, and entrepreneur Dan Gerrity, founded
Naverus to provide RNP and other PBN solutions to a broader
constituency. Since then, Naverus has successfully developed and
deployed hundreds of RNP procedures worldwide. GE and Naverus have
collaborated in the past, providing PBN solutions using GE’s advanced
flight management systems.

Naverus is headquartered in Kent, Washington and employs approximately 60 employees.


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