Wondershare Spyware Removal completely free for 6 month

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Wondershare Spyware Removal is a powerful yet easy-to-use system security tool to protect your system. It removes spyware, trojan virus and other malware. Advanced technology is adopted in Wondershare Spyware Removal to perform proactive defense and remove Rootkit. And it is specially expert in trojan virus and spyware removal, giving you top security protection. (Now totally free for 6 months, application is valid till 28th, Feb, 2010)

Remove spyware, trojan virus and other malware
As super antispyware and anti-trojan, Wondershare Spyware Removal accurately identifies and forcefully removes spyware as well as trojan virus and other malware
on your computer. It is equipped with an advanced scan engine and a
huge library of trojan virus signatures. The formidable identification
ability makes trojan virus and spyware removal much easier.


Rootkit detection
Remove spyware and trojan virus
using Rootkit technology. Rootkit makes trojan virus and spyware hide
too deep for normal antivirus software to detect. In front of Spyware Removal with the unique Rootkit discovery method, Rootkit is no more invincible.


Proactive defense
Remove new spyware and trojan virus
automatically and accurately, saving the computer from the latest
threats. You don’t need to wait for the trojan virus library updating.
You don’t have to fall into the vicious circle that the computer gets
affected first and then you make great efforts to remove spyware and trojan virus.


System monitor
the system and give alerts when you or 3rd party applications try to
change system configuration and when there are attempts to add startup
items, system services and so on. Save your normal programs from being
infected and stopping spyware from even installing at the very
beginning. You can view complete monitor log in the install directory.
The log’s name is MON.txt.


Miscellaneous scan modes
Spyware Removal provides various scan modes. You can use Quick Scan to check susceptible folders such as System32 and so on; Full Scan to check all disks and folders. It is the sum of all other scans; Directory Scan to check appointed folders; and Memory Scan to check on-the-run trojan virus. It also can set Scan Schedule. Regular scan can greatly raise security level.



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