Recuva Boost for deep analysis

A new version of Data Recovery Recuva has been put online, announcing a big boost to the speed of analysis in depth.

publisher Piriform just update their software Data Recovery Recuva for
the Windows environment, available in the several language and
offered free.

After a previous version 1.32.444
putting an end to support operating system Windows 98, so now it’s a
version 1.33.451 just take over, announcing several enhancements and
bug fixes.The release notes accompanying mention the support of disk sector size nonstandard configurations for Windows 7 and improving 25 % speed of analysis in depth.

bugs have been resolved first manifested with selecting multiple items
when displaying the form of miniatures, causing a second problem is always
updating with the same type of display and a third resulting icons
incorrect when displayed as a list.


Download Recuva 1.33.451




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