Fujitsu to implement an SAP system for the city of Turku

The City of Turku in Finland has entered into an agreement with Fujitsu Services Oy on the implementation of an SAP system. Under the agreement, Fujitsu will implement an SAP system to the City of Turku, incorporating the financial management, financial planning and procurement modules. The agreement also covers system management, maintenance and monitoring.

This purchase is part of a programme of Turku to support the control model of the city with a long-term goal and to execute and contribute in operational changes. The overall plan is first and foremost about revising the processes and ways of operating as well as information and knowledge management. The purpose of the programme is also to implement large-scale IT system overhaul and to support the design and implementation of IT architectures.

In the initial phase the developmental focal points are in financial control and procurement, applications serving the purpose of financial planning, as well as adopting the basic knowledge.

The city of Turku employs approximately 13,500 people the majority of whom use SAP. Initially the number of SAP users is estimated to be circa 1,500. Fujitsu will also be responsible for the main user training and deployment management of the SAP system.

Fujitsu will implement the SAP project as a contract supplier with the main responsibility in collaboration with two partners, Affecto and Amapertti Oy. The estimated effort required by Fujitsu in the project will be more than 2,000 staff days.



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