MAG Beta v1.46 Available

MAG beta program beyond its original November 20 stop date. What we didn’t tell you, though, is what that means for you and the other testers who are involved in the program – so here’s everything you need to know about the next phase.

First things first: As of this morning, we’ve updated the MAG beta to version 1.46. This upgrade brings a number of new things to the table, including:

  • Our highly-anticipated 256-player Domination mode in addition to 64-player Sabotage.
  • Reductions in the beta download sizes by more than 30%!
  • Extensive tuning to the weapons for all three PMCs to better balance the factions.
  • An updated experience curve for leveling that helps new and inexperienced players.
  • A huge number of updates, revisions and fixes that reflect the feedback given to us by testers in previous betas

Another important bit of information to note is when the MAG Beta program will end – which will be at the strike of Midnight (Pacific Time) on December 5.


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