Voicemail feature in Google Voice and Ringcentral

The voicemail is a feature which permits you to take your own time over the phone and not be anxious in relation to your incoming calls at your Google Voice or RingCentral number. Both contain special voicemail features that plan to let you administer your interactions better. On the whole, you require your voicemail to be well-organized and trouble-free to use, so that you can at once go back to important calls, or cross out insignificant ones.

Google Voice

  • With your online Google account you can direct your voicemails.
  • The same as your personal mails With Google voice you are able to respond, delete, block, flag or mark as spam the voicemails that you receive.
  • Listening is feature provided by Google Voice that permits you to listen to a caller at the same time as they are send-off a voicemail message. You be able to take the call at the same time as the message is being spoken, or allow it to end and be send to your voice mailbox.
  • You be able to include your voicemails automatically copy out and sent to you as piece of mail or text messages.


  • Every voicemail you receive will be directly be saved in your inbox as .WAV file and also on your online account
  • For your every new mail you will receive alert messages so that you can have a check on it immediately.
  • With your phone you can have a check on your voicemails by dialing your number and access to your account.
  • You also be able to also hear to your voicemails by accessing your RingCentral online account, or even by accessing Call Controller.
  • The same way as you forward your e-mails you can forward your voicemails.
  • You be able to hear to callers as they put down their voicemails, letting you to at once pick up essential calls.
  • Voicemail recording is being developed and will be start on when the technology is full-fledged. As of now, the characteristic is not on top form to be integrated in a business or a professional cell phone set.


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