Quadra Alliance reveals Network Server Monitoring

Any disruption would mean a slowdown of your business process and consequently a decrease in your productivity and profitability.

Network Server Monitor has an extensive range of features and functions allowing companies to remotely monitor servers, third party providers, hardware performance and software processes. In addition, full logging of user activity gives extra security. 24/7 Monitoring and email/SMS notification to a nominated engineer(s) offers unparalleled monitoring and reporting capability. Try it out for yourselves! Imaginet, member of the Quadra Alliance is offering IP monitoring for ISP’s

Top Advantages of Network Server Monitoring:

Some of the reasons why Network Server Monitoring is important to any company is that it can monitor large or small networks and run up to forty checks at a time per selected Public IP, it can monitor hardware performance and software processes with full logging of user activity for extra security, it can accurately monitor and report on the compliance of third party providers with contractual Service Level Agreements (SLA) for charge and rebate verification, monitor capacity thresholds, and so much more.

In addition, Network Server Monitoring requires no installation of agent software with a comprehensive yet flexible reporting structure. All reports are customized to fit any requirements, and notifications can be sent to different personnel depending on date, time, and severity. Maintenance schedules can be monitored to avoid false alarms during scheduled downtime.


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