Technology Alignment VoIP business solutions nexMatrix SIP

Technology Alignment, Inc., a global
provider of world class solutions, announced  it’s nexMatrix
SIP solution for business. The new telephony solutions enable
business customers to use IP telephony solutions immediately
on legacy telephony systems and IP PBX systems. Whether companies
want to continue to use their existing telephone system, or
whether they plan to migrate to a completely different technology
– the new products of nexMatrix provide the appropriate solution
for every customer.

introduce the product, Technology Alignment is doing free number
porting until the end of the year. Dianne Ursini, CEO of Technology
Alignment, Inc. stated "Our VAR network pushed us into
providing SIP services because of the excellent customer service
and value proposition of our company". Ursini added "It
seemed the likely next step in providing services to our VAR
and in turn new customers."

SIP Trunking products provide significant cost savings of up
to 70% when compared to traditional telecom services. Customers
receive unlimited local calling with discounted toll-free, nationwide
and international calling. Service options include E911, DIDs
and local number portability, allowing businesses to keep their
current phone numbers.

introduced three rate plans, all include failover that further
enhance their use with SIP trunk services. The failover feature
enables the gateway to switch back to redundant servers in the
event of service disruption over the IP connection. This provides
extra assurance to customers eager to take advantage of SIP
trunks, while replacing traditional PSTN.

with a host of PBX and legacy systems means that a nexMatrix
VAR can offer any small to large SMB or enterprise customers
an easy to deploy communication solution. NexMatix can replace
or supplement a legacy PSTN service with SIP trunks. The methodology
of nexMatrix provides savings on monthly telecom costs."
said Kade Price, CTO of Technology Alignment, Inc.

is offered in both retail and wholesale solutions for customers
and is ready today for deployments.


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