Webtrends Introduces iPhone application for Webtrends Analytics 9

Webtrends, an enterprise customer intelligence company, today announced a new release to Webtrends Analytics 9. The Autumn 2009 release provides busy marketers, IT professionals, expert analytics users or anyone working within the real-time web the ability to quickly and easily measure data.

The release boasts a long list of new capabilities including up-to-the-minute analytics. This allows for real-time data assessment and comparison from the previous 24-hour period alongside current day and 365-day comparisons.

It also includes automated alerts on key metrics. These real-time alerts can be received in many ways, including via email, RSS feed, SMS, and Twitter Direct Messages. Webtrends is also pre-announcing availability to all Analytics customers an iPhone application with access to alerts and real-time data.

Nick Sharp, General Manager and VP EMEA and Australasia, Webtrends comments, “The web has progressed from a single channel to a platform for multi-faceted interactions across multiple domains. Interacting and communicating with consumers via those channels is becoming the norm for top brands. The challenge this poses for business however is in harnessing real-time data to drive business value through action. The Autumn 2009 release of Analytics 9 addresses this opportunity directly with real-time analytics linked to alerts and notifications giving customers unsurpassed insight to drive an immediate response.”

Significant new features include:

·         Up-to-the-Minute Analytics: real-time updates on key web metrics, which can be analysed alongside equivalent data from the previous 24-hours or the current day. Customers can overlay results from marketing campaigns, RSS feeds, or other activities to gain the real-time insight needed to fuel their business.

·         Real-Time Alerts: Analytics 9 now features real-time alerts and notifications when key web site metrics reach, or fail to reach, your pre-determined goals. Alerts can prompt the user at log-in and be delivered via e-mail, authenticated RSS feed, Twitter direct message, SMS, and/or the soon to be released Webtrends iPhone application.

·         Analytics 9 On-Demand is receiving a new look: users who need access to advanced features will appreciate a clean and professional look in Analytics 9 On-Demand. Elements that slowed down load times were removed and all data visualisation elements including tables, charts, and graphs have been optimised to improve the speed and confidence of data comprehension. All features remain in the same place — there will be no learning curve for the new look.

·         Webtrends iPhone Application: when customers are on the go and need high level insight on web activity, “there is an app for that.” The Webtrends Analytics iPhone app delivers key metrics and trends. The design follows many of the same cues as the Insight web app but delivers an experience tailored specifically for iPhone users. The Webtrends iPhone application soon will be available for download within iTunes.


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