Synology five new open source PHP applications for Disk Station series

Synology Inc. today announced that its
Disk Station series works with five new open source PHP applications,
expanding the number of verified applications to eighteen in total. The
five new value applications are Claroline 1.9.2, Gallery 2.3, Gallery
Remote 1.5, Nucleus 3.51, and Typo3 4.2.10. All of the applications
above have successfully passed a series of tests in the Synology
laboratory and have been proven to be compatible with the newly
released firmware, Disk Station Manager 2.2-0959.

Claroline 1.9.2 – Caroline is an eLearning and eWorking platform.

Gallery 2.3 – Gallery is a web based photo album organizer.

Gallery Remote 1.5 – Gallery Remote allows you to manage photos on your Gallery site running on Synology Disk Station from your PC.

Nucleus 3.51 – Nucleus is an open source blog system.

Typo3 4.2.10 – TYPO3 is a content management framework built with PHP.


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