LuxGallery app High-Quality Image Viewer for the Apple iPhone

Luxology Releases High-Quality Image Viewer for the Apple iPhone

New iPhone Application for Mobile Access to the Luxology Customer Gallery Now Available Luxology LLC, an independent technology company
developing next-generation 3D content creation software, announced
today that it has released its first app for the millions of people
using the Apple iPhone and iTouch. Apple customers who appreciate
stunning, photo-real images can now download the LuxGallery app,
which allows them to quickly and easily view and search for
computer-generated images found in the company’s extensive Customer

“The Luxology Customer Gallery is a showcase of
images produced with Luxology’s modo software that has grown to
thousands of images in just a few short years,” said Brad Peebler,
president and co-founder of Luxology. “The Gallery is constantly
updated and the new LuxGallery app is a convenient way for community
members and others to remotely explore what other modo designers and
artists are producing.”

Available as a free download in the iPhone App Store,
the LuxGallery app was developed internally by Luxology and serves as a
high-quality image viewer. The app provides the ability to search for
images by keyword or to view images organized by categories such as
Game Content, Jewelry Design and Print/Illustration. The app also lets
users designate “favorite” images or to quickly view recent additions
to the Gallery. Information about the modo artist who created the image
and a brief image description can also be seen.


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