New Features available in Yahoo Search Assist

Yahoo rolls out several new Search Assist features for the Web search boxes at the top of nearly every property on Yahoo!, including Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, and Yahoo! Finance. These new features can take you directly to the information you need, whether it is real-time stock quotes or movie trailers. You can also get enhanced search suggestions and easily navigate to the Yahoo! property that fits your needs the most.

With today’s enhanced Search Assist features, you can get information you need about movies, sports, travel destinations, or stock price directly in the Search Assist layer. For example, type the stock symbol for Energy Select SPDR in the search box. The Search Assist layer displays real-time stock quotes for the company, as well as links to stock charts and news about the company.

When you type the name of an athlete, like Kobe Bryant, Search Assist shows news, game log, scores, and schedules. You can also see travel information when you type the name of any travel destination.

Another Search Assist enhancement launched todayis the ability to help you navigate to the Yahoo! property that best fits your needs. When you type the name of a Yahoo! property in the search box, the Search Assist layer displays a link to the property. For example, if you are using Yahoo! Finance and would like to check your email, type “mail” in the search box and you will see a link to your inbox in the Search Assist layer.

Source: Ysearchblog


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