SH-Mobile Application Engine 4 Breaks Into GHz Realm

 (Business Wire) Renesas
Technology America, Inc., today announced that it is sampling the
SH-Mobile Application Engine 4 (SH73720), an ARM® Cortex A8
based application engine running at maximum 1GHz, targeted for next
generation mobile phone and mobile device implementations. With the
integration of various dedicated processing engines, the device
features ultimate multimedia capabilities such as full HD 1080p video
recording, playback at 30fps, and high-speed 3D graphics rendering for
sophisticated 3D UIs and an advanced gaming experience. Leveraging on
Renesas’ market proven Image Signal Processor (ISP) technology, the
SH-Mobile Application Engine 4 provides a state-of-the art 16Mpixel ISP
for best visual quality while supporting full HD 1080p movie
processing. Fabricated in Renesas’ optimized 45nm low power process and
integrating a wealth of new and innovative power saving schemes, it
exceeds the stringent power budget requirements of mobile phones.

“With broadband wireless access like UMTS/HSPA or LTE, customers can
have the Internet at their fingertips wherever and whenever. Access to
music, videos and games with mobile phones becomes as simple as it
became on the PC a few years ago,” says Shinichi Yoshioka, General
Manager of System Solution Business Unit2, System Solution Business
Group, Renesas Technology Corp. “Renesas has developed the SH-Mobile
Application Engine 4, as the first device of the SH-Mobile Application
Engine Series, in a new class of application processors to offer an
entirely new user experience on mobile computers and to solve the
conflicts around creating an exciting multimedia experience within the
low power budget of mobile devices.”

The SH-Mobile Application Engine 4 is based on an ARM Cortex™-A8 core
operating at maximum 1GHz. Leveraging Renesas’ vast experience of
highly integrated SoC systems, a competitive SoC process and an
innovative design architecture, this device aims for one of the
industry’s most efficient ARM® Cortex™-A8 implementations providing
ample processing performance for next generation applications, while
pursuing the ultimate low power consumption that enables an entirely
new user experience on mobile devices.

For the ultimate multimedia experience, the SH-Mobile Application
Engine 4 incorporates a variety of dedicated processing engines. An
integrated ISP supports 16M pixel still images and full HD 1080p movie
images. A dedicated high-performance multi-codec video processing unit
for ultra-low power video processing enables the device to support full
HD 1080p multi-standard video use cases such as encoding (recording)
and decoding (playback) of full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second
(fps). Combined with various multi-phased visual engines, such as IP
for edge enhancement or median filtering, the realization of high
quality HD images and videos reaches levels which consumers will not
have experienced before on mobile devices.

To support high-speed 3D graphics rendering for sophisticated 3D UIs
and an advanced gaming experience, the device is equipped with a
powerful POWERVR SGX 3D graphics engine, licensed from Imagination Technologies, supporting graphic APIs such as OpenGL
ES1.1/2.0 and Open VG. To round off the multimedia experience, the
SH-Mobile Application Engine 4 also incorporates a highly sophisticated
audio subsystem enabling well over 100 hours of audio playback on a
standard mobile phone battery.

For design flexibility and reduced system BOM, the SH-Mobile
Application Engine 4 includes a wide variety of on-chip peripheral
functions and connectivity interfaces. This includes two USB 2.0
Host/Function modules (with high-speed data transfer mode support),
three SD host controllers with support for high-speed data transfer
mode and a 24-bit TFT color LCD controller supporting up to WXGA+
display sizes. Furthermore, a PAL/NTSC encoder and an HDMI transmitter
are integrated together with a complete HDMI v1.3a & CVBS TV-Out

The SH-Mobile Application Engine 4 is packaged in a 0.4mm pitch, 12mm x
12mm BGA package that allows package-on-package vertical stacking of
low power, multiple chip package (MCP) memory such as LP DDR2, greatly
reducing the overall footprint of the memory and processor combination.


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