Business Magnet Directory are on the Move… Again

Rapidly expanding UK based online B2B directory,, are set to move offices again after only a year at their current site. Located at the Meadway Technology Park in Stevenage, they are due to move from their current office to another group of offices within the same area of the town in the near future.

For Businessmagnet things have been going from strength to strength in the six years they have been operating. Originally just a two man operation, they have been growing their staff numbers steadily over that time and are planning a further increase that will take them beyond the capacity of their current office space. As the directory has grown year on year with it has come the need to add staff members to support the business and to grow it even further.


It’s fair to say that business really is booming for this modest sized operation. Although they know they have a great directory and provide a fantastic return on investment for their customers, even they have been surprised by how well they’ve been doing in this tough economic time. Sales Director, Dan French, said “we planned on expanding the business over the past year but we honestly didn’t think another office move would be on the cards so soon”. He added “this need to physically expand the business is testament to the hard work the team have been putting in to deliver a first class online B2B directory for our customers”.

One of the main reasons for the extra office space is to accommodate the new customer support department Businessmagnet is in the process of establishing. This dedicated customer support team will add another important element to the Businessmagnet experience. With this new team in place they will enhance the already great customer service that the current team of account managers provide. This enhanced level of customer service brings with it changes that will make sure they move well beyond their current 85% retention rate. Add to that all the additional business that is being generated by their continually improving status within the major search engine results and it’s clear to see why the extra space will be needed.

To Dan French and Lee Cheeseman, the co-creators of Businessmagnet, the sky’s the limit. It seems certain that the business will continue to grow and they will continue to expand the premises and headcount to match. Who knows what the future will hold. Number one online business to business directory in the world? Maybe; but for now they will be happy when the achieve the position of number one in the UK. With the way things are currently going, it’s not far away from becoming a reality.


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