Tekriti Software considered in the social network development domain in India

The Social Networking Development
in India has introduced new revolution in the domain of Internet. With
the changing market standards, a need to make the technology more
interesting and entertaining has given birth to different aspects of
Social Networking Development. Social Networking Platforms now have
expanded beyond just interaction platforms but have become the hub for
entertainment, information sharing and business discussions too.

Software has been considered a pioneer in the social network
development domain. provide one of the best platforms for Social
Networking Development. Some of our projects that have greatly
succeeded in capturing the interest of online users includes ITimes,
Going On, Peer Power, NDTV Tubaah, GT Channel and Facebook applications
such as Touch Specials. The team members working at Tekriti have carved
out special space in the global market. Rated as one of the 10 most promising IT&ITES companies in India, Tekriti has truly been able to help its client develop word class platforms.

when the entire world has shrunk manifolds, we as one of the fastest
growing IT entrepreneurs understand the needs of patrons very well.
Analysis, in depth research, innovation, attention to details and
understanding of core user behavior are the main factors which set us
apart We target to develop the applications which are peerless in every
aspect and create a strong trust worthiness amongst our clientele.
Tekriti is an end to end house as far as Social Networking Development
is concerned. Our services include product conceptualization, prototype
development, xHTML, flash development, site development, testing,

In terms of expertise our Social Network domain experience includes Social&Business Networking, Web 2.0 designs, Online Publishing, Content Management Systems, Video Sites, Facebook Applications and Social interaction based E-commerce.

expertise lies not only in building front end applications but also
creation and utilization of robust platforms. One of our enterprise
solutions called People Aggregator, allows rapid deployment of social networking platforms. Tekriti also has over 30 man years of experience in Drupal Development.
In the coming years we expect to stretch the lengths and breadths our
operations to position ourselves as the thought leaders in the Social
Network Development domain.


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