Central Europeans get mobile broadband boost

Telekom Austria Group gears up for the next generation of mobile services

  •          18,5 million users in eight countries to get higher speed and improved services
  •          Microwave solution increases capacity and reduces costs
    Mobile phone subscribers are doing an increasing
    amount with their handsets, and Telekom Austria Group is expecting a
    significant increase in capacity demands; data traffic in Austria alone
    has increased fivefold over the past two years. To meet these demands,
    all Telekom Austria Group companies in eight European countries are,
    besides other innovative technologies, upgrading their mobile networks
    with Ericsson’s (NASDAQ:ERIC) latest, microwave solution, which enables
    increased capacity while reducing costs for mobile operators.
    Johann Pichler, Group CTO of mobilkom austria group,
    says: "To guarantee that our customers can enjoy the benefits of mobile
    broadband and take advantage of new possibilities in the future, the
    work to smoothly upgrade our networks needs to begin today. Ericsson’s
    highly cost-effective solution helps us meet our objective of having a
    complete mobile broadband offering. "
    Roland Nordgren, Head of Ericsson Central Europe and
    President of Ericsson Austria, says: "Demand is increasing fast in
    Central Europe, and now 18.5 million user in eight countries will get
    higher speed and improved services. In addition, we are also reducing
    costs for our operator customers with our sustainable, cost-effective
    The Telekom Austria Group will upgrade its networks
    in Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Liechtenstein,
    Serbia and Slovenia, according to market needs. Rollout has already
    started, which includes an IP-based microwave transmission network, a
    management system and related integration and support services.
    Ericsson and Telekom Austria Group have been working
    together for more than 10 years, achieving several breakthroughs in
    commercial launches of mobile broadband technologies in Europe.


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