damaka introduces Video Share and Enhanced Video Calling on Smartphones

damaka, a technology pioneer in Mobile Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC), now supports Video Share feature (as defined by GSM Association) and provides enhanced 2-way video calling that is already offered by damaka on a variety of Smartphones.

“In response to queries from Telecom operators, we have designed a unique Video Share solution that would work with or without the need of an IMS core system”, said Satish Gundabathula, damaka CTO. “We have created a unique model in which we support voice over cellular network and live 2-way video session over packet network”. damaka Video Share is available in both Peer-to-Peer (P2P) and Client Server architectures.

damaka mobile video technology offering includes:

Video Share – Allows users to start voice call over cellular network and bi-directional (live) video session over packet network during the call. Enhanced Video Call – damaka’s enhanced video call offering includes the following functions over packet network: 

  • The ability to start a audio call and add a video session at any time
  • Start a audio-video session and be able to add/remove the video from the session at any time
  • Add/remove local video preview
  • Pause/resume local video

Video Share in North America has had a limited uptake due to high price and the service was restricted to few devices with such capabilities. damaka’s comprehensive video solutions suite can be leveraged by Operators to provide value added services to their customers.


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