ActiveEon and CARRI SYSTEMS Announce Strategic Relationship for CPU and GPU computing

ProActive makes it possible to find the appropriate machine to execute any program, CPUs and GPUs. Overall, ProActive offers a complete Enterprise Cloud solution, featuring Workflow, Data Transfer, Licence Management, and Virtualization. With respect to GPUs, ProActive appropriately schedules workload of GPU jobs in a successive manner, including on several machines.

Suite Version 4.2, Nov. 2009, integrated with solutions from CARRI SYSTEMS, provides a powerful innovative Open Source Solution to manage multi-cores and Enterprise Grid & Cloud computing. It provides customers with rapid development of HPC Applications, together with Grid and Cloud management.

ProActive 4.2 features:
• ProActive Programming: Java Parallel Toolkit
• ProActive Scheduling : Multi-Platform Job Scheduler
• ProActive Resourcing: Desktop, Cluster, Grid & Cloud Resource Manager
The innovative ActiveEon-CARRI solutions were disclosed and demonstrated at the international SC09 convention, Nov. 16-20, Portland, Oregon, USA, gathering over 10 000 attendees.

"More than ever, the future of parallel computing resides in a strong collaboration between Desktop PCs, GPU machines or GPU Racks, and HPC Clusters. ProActive Scheduling combined with ProActive Resourcing makes it possible to seamlessly manage heterogeneous IT Infrastructures that include all types of CARRI SYSTEMS machines." said Denis Caromel, founder of ProActive Parallel Suite and ActiveEon, Head of INRIA OASIS Research Team.

"Flexible Heterogeneous Computing, where portability (Windows, Linux, Mac) works in tandem with versatility (Desktops, Cluster, Grid and Clouds), is what makes such a breakthrough possible." added Christian Delbé, ActiveEon Technical Director.

"CARRI SYSTEMS is pleased to be working with ActiveEon to bring higher flexibility to our customers," said Franck Darmon, Manager Operations and Resources at CARRI SYSTEMS . "With ProActive Parallel Suite, CARRI SYSTEMS new solutions not only provide a powerful boost of existing enterprise capacity, but also provide a full and uniform federation of all enterprise resources, existing and new advanced CARRI Solutions".


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