ProResource Launches Toolkit for Virtual Assistants and Freelancers

ProResource LLC today announced the release of the Help Without Hiring Toolkit, a set of 50 templates, checklists and worksheets that help small business owners outsource work more effectively to freelancers and virtual assistants.

The toolkit provides a system for helping any small business owner or self-employed professional:

  • Decide what to outsource,
  • Find a qualified person to do the work,
  • Get that person up to speed quickly, and
  • Ensure that the project is completed successfully.

The documents in the toolkit include a list of the top 12 projects that are most often outsourced successfully, project checklists, tips for writing a great job posting, interview questions, an applicant screening checklist, an ROI calculator, a project definition template, a training plan, a creative brief, status report templates, tips for giving constructive criticism, and a list of free software tools that improve long-distance collaboration.

The toolkit also includes instructions for seven "Easy Projects." The business owner simply fills in the project worksheet and gives the instructions to a virtual assistant or freelancer. These projects are easy to outsource successfully and provide an ideal starting point for a new assistant.

To promote the toolkit, ProResource is making one of the documents in the Help Without Hiring Toolkit available at no charge each week for the coming year. Each Monday the company will announce which document will be free that week. The announcement will be made in the company’s email newsletter, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

The first free document, "Avoid 13 Common Mistakes," lists the mistakes that are most commonly made by business owners when they outsource. The document can be downloaded at

"There are so many small business owners out there who would love to be able to delegate more but just find it very hard to do," said Judy Schramm, CEO of ProResource LLC. "Now they can get a system for hiring a virtual assistant and getting their assistant productive quickly, doing work that helps them grow the business."

The Help Without Hiring Toolkit sells for $97 US. It includes the 50 templates, checklists and worksheets plus all updates and new templates, which are being added at the rate of about one per month.

The documents in the toolkit are provided in Microsoft Word or Excel format, so they can be easily modified and customized to meet the needs of each business owner.


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