C-motech Released a Dual-Mode ‘U-301’ Modem That Supports 3G CDMA and Mobile WiMax

‘U-301’ is a dual-mode USB modem that supports both 3G technology CDMA and 4G technology WiMax 2.0. Compared with the previous model, ‘U-301’ is lighter and it has better performance as the double chip of the previous ‘U-300’ device was replaced with Qualcomm QSC6085(65nm) for CDMA and with Beceem BCSM250(65nm) for WiMax.

‘U-301’ accommodates a maximum download speed of 10Mbps and a maximum upload speed of 4Mbps from WiMax, and 3.1Mbps download speed and 1.8Mbps upload speed from CDMA. It supports the operating systems Windows 7, Vista and XP.

"’U-301′ is lighter because it uses a 65 nanometer single-chip and it shows a more stable performance upon CDMA and WiMax applications," a C-motech staff member said. "C-motech will supply ‘U-301’ to Sprint from December."


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