Kanguru Solutions Neutralizes USB Security Threats via Device Control, Remote Management and Encryption

Kanguru Solutions, an industry leading manufacturer of secure IT storage solutions, has announced the addition of USB Device Control to its Kanguru Remote Management Console (http://shop.kanguru.com/index.php/flash-management/krmc) (KRMC).

KRMC is a powerful enterprise level application designed for remotely managing an organization’s fleet of secure flash drives. The addition of USB Device Control allows administrators to ensure that only approved USB devices can access their computer network.

Using policy-based, white list methodology, administrators have the ability to control what peripherals can access their computer network. USB Device Control can lock out unauthorized users and devices from USB ports, regulate how users copy data to USB drives, and create detailed audit reports to track usage.

Combined with KRMC’s ability to remotely enforce organizational policies including: password strength, IP range and domain restrictions, invalid login response, master password, password reset and drive deletion, it makes for a complete security solution never before seen in the IT world.

"This is the only all inclusive, turnkey USB security solution in the world: hardware encrypted flash drives, USB endpoint security and remote device management," said Noah Manders, Product Manager at Kanguru Solutions. "One integrated solution at a fraction of the time and cost of a la carte shopping." Kanguru Remote Management Console with USB Device Control and encrypted Kanguru flash drives are designed specifically to help organizations manage security threats, cut administrative costs and address security regulations such as FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, GLB and SOX.

A division of Interactive Media Corporation, Kanguru Solutions manufactures high quality, secure and portable computer storage and peripherals that have provided consumers with secure back-up solutions for more than a decade. Interactive Media Corp. was established in Massachusetts in 1992.


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