Motorola Debut CLEAR Service with Motorola WiMAX Network and Devices

Supports Clearwire’s philanthropic community outreach with donation of laptops and Motorola USBw 100 adaptors for underserved students in Chicago Archdiocese.

The Home & Networks Mobility business of Motorola, Inc. today joined Clearwire for the celebration of the Chicago launch of CLEAR 4G mobile WiMAX service. Motorola announced its donation of laptops and Motorola USBw 100 adaptors to the Nativity BVM School, a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Chicago, during the celebration at Pioneer Courtin downtown Chicago. Clearwire will provide free in downtown Chicago. Clearwire will provide free CLEAR service for 12 months for those laptops that will be given to Catholic school students. 

Motorola is the infrastructure provider for deployment of the Clearwire WiMAX network in Chicago, and two of Motorola’s WiMAX devices, the USBw 100 and CPEi 150, are available to provide customers with access to CLEAR service.

“Motorola has teamed with Clearwire to provide high-speed broadband service in a number of markets nationwide using Motorola’s network infrastructure, deployment, services and devices,” said Bruce Brda, senior vice president and general manager, Wireless Networks, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility. “It’s exciting to see the launch of CLEAR service in Motorola’s hometown. As Clearwire grows its nationwide footprint they are proving that WiMAX has gained traction in providing 4G service to meet the ever-growing demand for high-speed, mobile broadband.”

Using Motorola’s desktop CPEi 150 and award-winning USBw 100 adaptor, Clearwire customers in Chicago now can enjoy high-speed broadband access in their homes or offices, or stay connected with their laptops while on the go. The USBw 100 is a small plug-in wireless modem about twice the size of a thumb-drive-sized memory device that plugs directly into laptop computers. It provides WiMAX broadband connectivity while stationary or on the move.

The CPEi 150 is a true plug-and-play desk top device that automatically connects to the WiMAX network and authenticates itself for easy Internet access. Both the USBw 100 and CPEi 150 are data-only devices that operate in the 2.5GHz frequency band.

The Chicago area is served by cell sites that utilize Motorola’s WAP 600 and WAP 450 Diversity Access Point products. The WAP 450 utilizes tower-top power amplifiers that are linked by fiber optic cable with the base control unit housed in a small outdoor cabinet at the bottom of the tower. This creates a very compact cell site configuration that is significantly smaller than traditional cellular infrastructure products.

In addition to its WiMAX networks and devices, Motorola has been supplying Clearwire with its pre-WiMAX Expedience devices and infrastructure giving Clearwire customers in 46 markets throughout the US access to wireless broadband service.



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