Realtek’s RTD1073/1283 Full-HD Digital Media Processor wins Outstanding I.T. Application for 2009

Realtek Semiconductor Corp., one of
the world’s leading network and multimedia IC providers, today
announced that its RTD1073/1283 Full-HD Digital Media Processor has won
the IT Month ‘Outstanding I.T. Application/Products Award 2009’ in the
Digital Home products category.

The RTD1073/1283 offers
high-performance playback of multiple AV formats, including all common
Internet formats. This flexibility removes end-user frustration, and
provides the freedom needed to enjoy AV playback without being
concerned with decoder compatibilities. With complete software and
hardware reference designs supplied, the RTD1073/1283 can speed
development of innovative top-of-the-line products that end-users want.

Digital Home experience is made fuller and richer via Realtek’s
technology breakthroughs that allow users to enjoy High Definition
Media Playback (HDMI), media Recording & Timeshifting,
Wireless/Wired Networking, and media Mass Storage capabilities”, said
Realtek’s Executive Vice President Jessy Chen. “This makes the
RTD1073/1283 an indispensible entertainment option in the modern home”.

RTD1073/1283 represents Realtek’s third generation media processing
technology and incorporates three major HD specifications.

1.BD HD:
Supports all three video encoding formats of Blu-ray Disc. Currently
H.264, VC1, and MPEG2 take around 55%, 30%, and 15% market share each.
The RTD1073/RTD1283 supports 1.25x 1080P HD decoding, ensuring decoding
capabilities provide top quality viewing pleasure.

Support: RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) is a multimedia container
format developed by RealNetworks. Widely used in Asia and the Chinese
market, the RMVB playback requirement has been raised to 720P
3.Full HD: Offers 1080@60p, 32-bit HD OSD, advanced DNR
(Digital Noise Reduction), MADi (Motion Adaptive De-interlace), and
Multi-Tap Scaling Filter to ensure that RTD1073 picture quality matches
Full HD TV set quality.

The RTD1073/1283 integrates HDMI 1.3,
USB2.0 Host and Device, SATA, Fast Ethernet MAC and PHY, 12-bit Video
DACs, and Digital Audio Output. It supports a Wireless LAN IEEE
802.11b/g/n in-house total solution, as well as rich network protocols
for advanced Internet functions development. The RTD1073/1283
simplifies design and lowers cost via a NAND-boot feature, and is
supplied in a 256-pin LQFP (RTD1073) or 416-pin PBGA (RTD1283) ‘Green’


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