FIFA 10 Sells More than 4 Million

Electronic Arts Inc.  today announced the continued record-setting sales pace for FIFA 10 as well as the development of FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, a game mode expansion and new way of playing FIFA 10, the highest rated sports game* ever on the PlayStation3 and Xbox 360.

Based on internal sales projections, FIFA
10 has sold through more than 4.5 million units worldwide since launch,
a 26 percent increase over the same period a year ago (eight weeks in
Europe and five weeks in North America). FIFA 10 also became
the fastest-selling sports videogame in the world with 1.7 million
units sold through at European retail in its first week after its
launch on October 1, and it’s the top selling game overall in Europe in

FIFA 10 has achieved new franchise records for online play as
well, averaging 3 million** games played daily and over 113 million^
total online games played on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 over the
past two months, and will launch FIFA 10 Ultimate Team in the new year. FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is a deeper, more authentic, more dynamic version of the game mode successfully introduced last year and enables fans to customize the way they build their Ultimate Team.
Take on the challenge of building an Ultimate Team of the best football
stars in the world, manage one or multiple squads simultaneously, and
compete against other gamers in dynamically updated online tournaments.
For the record number of football fans playing FIFA 10 online, FIFA 10 Ultimate Team provides a new challenge to put a personally crafted team up against the rest of the world.

“FIFA 10 Ultimate Team
adds a lot more authenticity to a unique game that will update with new
challenges and content over time,” said Producer Paul Hossack. “We now
have over 7,000 players from 27 leagues available, from which gamers
will craft one or multiple squads to show their mastery of the
revamped, more realistic chemistry system, and compete in tournaments
with exciting requirements and rewards. On top of that, we’ll release
new tournaments and other updates regularly to keep the experience
fresh and exciting.”

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team has more options and players that enable
gamers to emulate the way real-world coaches and managers build the
truly great football teams. Choose how to manage your team–-focusing on
creating one formidable squad, or managing multiple squads to match
dynamic requirements for tournaments and competitions. Buy, sell, trade
and acquire the biggest stars to build your dream team. Be strategic
and tactical in preparing your squads for the various in-game
competitions. A completely redesigned chemistry system built around
player relationships on the pitch, means that managing teams and squads
to their full potential is even more critical to success. Take
carefully assembled squads into standard tournaments and themed
competitions against the most formidable teams from around the world –
and then out wit and out play them.

Test your skills as a player and manager to claim global football supremacy with FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, available to purchase for 400 Microsoft points or $4.99 as a download via Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network to FIFA 10
beginning this February, 2010. FIFA 10 and an internet connection is
required for play. FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is developed by EA Canada in
Vancouver, B.C. It is not yet rated.


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