Nortel CVAS Solution Turning Any Mobile Phone into an Office Extension

People that are constantly on the go – whether its on the road to visit
a client or in between meetings around their office building, can be
more connected and productive thanks to Nortel Carrier
VoIP and Application Solutions (CVAS) Mobile Extension application,
which is built on Nortel’s industry-leading Carrier Hosted Business
lines solutions. This application also equips service providers to
boost their revenue potential and business offer by giving subscribers
the freedom to use any mobile phone as an office extension.

Sign-up for the free webinar, titled: "Use Any Phone as Your Office Extension!"

Nortel will host a special webinar on the solution on
Dec. 3 at 9 a.m. EST
.Webinar participants will learn how Nortel’s Mobile Extension
application gives subscribers the ability to use their mobile phone to
access the same voice calling features of the corporate network, like
dialing by extension, conferencing, and call transferring capabilities.

Nortel’s Mobile Extension application, which is part of Nortel’s
widely deployed business voice and multimedia solution, equips service
providers to improve their revenue potential, gain new subscribers and
reduce churn because they can offer the application as a Carrier-Hosted
solution to their small and large enterprise customers. By offering
this carrier-hosted solution, service providers can help their
enterprise subscribers to increase productivity and save cost by
reducing duplications in fixed and mobile environments.

Nortel’s Mobile Extension offers a number of communications-transforming capabilities to subscribers:

  • Works on any mobile device and cellular network, so subscribers do not need to purchase a special mobile device.
  • Transforms mobile phone into an office extension so that
    subscribers ‘on-the-go’ can access a single corporate dial plan, single
    voicemail with integrated message waiting indication, and all their
    company’s corporate calling features.
  • Gives subscribers the ability to switch calls from one device to
    another without interrupting their voice conversation. For example, if
    users are on their mobile phone when they arrive at their office and
    want to switch devices, they can simply press a ‘handoff’ key on the
    desk phone and hang up the mobile.
  • Let’s subscribers program their mobile and desk phone
    simultaneously so that they can answer incoming calls from any device
    or location.
  • Displays a single caller ID, which means that regardless of which
    device the subscriber calls from or where, the only number people will
    see is the subscriber’s business line, making it easier for them to be

Nortel CVAS has 
consistently ranked
as the number one supplier in the carrier VoIP market since
2002. According to Infonetics Research’s recent report, Service
Provider VoIP Equipment and Subscribers Market Share, Size, and
Forecasts – 2Q09, Nortel kept its global leadership position for
carrier softswitches with 30.2 percent market share. Furthermore,
according to Infonetics, during the second quarter of 2009, Nortel kept
its position as the dominant softswitch supplier in both North America
and EMEA. According to Dell’Oro, Nortel has consistently been ranked as
the #1 Global Carrier VoIP and Softswitch leader since 2002. Nortel
CVAS has customer deployments in all continents with leading carriers
and provides VoIP solutions to two thirds of IDC’s worldwide listing of
top 20 carriers (by revenue).



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