Capcom Entertainment, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of
video games, today announced that Final Fight : Double Impact will be
coming to PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE online entertainment network
in April 2010. This digital release will house not one, but two awesome
Capcom classics – Final Fight™ and Magic Sword.

Final Fight:
Double Impact is a dual release of two classic arcade side-scrolling
beat-em-ups. First up is Final Fight, where players follow the
heart-pounding adventures of Cody, Guy, and Haggar – three heroes
fighting their way across crime-ridden Metro City in hopes of saving
Haggar’s daughter from the evil clutches of Mad Gear. There are 6
stages filled with perilous challenges where the only hope for justice
is the unique fighting techniques mastered by each character. With the
news released today that Cody and Guy will both be playable characters
in Super Street Fighter® IV, Capcom fans now have the chance to take a
trip down memory lane and experience these characters in their first
appearance before playing them in the new Street Fighter® game.

Magic Sword, users will take on the role of the “The Brave One,” a
fierce warrior who bears the daunting responsibility of cleansing evil
forces from an ancient tower. As a consequence of his actions, he will
inevitably meet the source of this scourge upon humanity – the dark
lord Drokmar. But fear not as the hero is accompanied by eight allies
who will lend their assistance through out the game. All of them bring
specific skills and talents to contribute to the fight. It’s an amazing
side-scrolling action illustrated in classic fantasy stylings, making a
perfect pairing with Final Fight.

Final Fight: Double Impact
will make the classics look better than ever by utilizing Capcom’s
proprietary graphics engine to make the games shine in crisp and clear
HD glory. Alternatively, purist pixel junkies can toggle back to a
classic and arcade cabinet modes to render the game in its original
form. Complementing the new visuals is new selectable soundtrack
adapted by the highly acclaimed composers responsible for Bionic
Commando®: Rearmed.

The multiplayer features will allow gamers
to relive these classics with friends online. “GGPO” network technology
creates a frame-accurate arcade experience across the internet with
online voice chat and the ability to join games in progress. Thanks to
the innovative open invite system, other fighters can jump right in and
contribute some classic butt-kicking to the cause. Leader boards for
both games track scores to compete and compare for bragging rights. And
finally, the Vault system will allow users to get extra gameplay out of
the game by unlocking new content from both the original developers and
fan artists.


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